India is hosting the prestigious G20 summit this year
G-20 summit beckoning! Renewable energy is poised to flourish

The New Delhi summit will act as a fresh appeal to countries to move away from coal, shift towards renewable sources and invest more in climate technology.

Cochin Airport runs completely on solar
Cochin airport runs entirely on solar energy!

In 2018, CIAL was awarded the Champions of the Earth award by the United Nations, the most prestigious honour in the field of environment.

Walt Disney solar park
Solar Parks: When beauty meets utility

The Walt Disney World in Florida designed a solar farm of 50 MW capacity which looked like Mickey Mouse from above.

One Solar One World One Grid
One Solar One World One Grid- The Sun never sets

The idea of a global grid was first proposed by PM Narendra Modi in the year 2018 during the first meeting of the International Solar Alliance

solar-powered devices
Solar-powered devices are making waves!

The devices that we use on a daily basis, if powered completely, could reduce the consumption of non-renewable sources drastically

Hottest day in the history of humanity!
World records it's hottest day!

Major heat waves have been observed across various parts of the world. These unparalleled records have been attributed to a phenomenon called the El Nino.

Solar Manufacture, BCD, DCR, Solar Energy, Renewable Energy, Made-In-India
India to become solar manufacturing superpower

The budget announced a few months back has given an allocation of 19,500 crores for high-efficiency solar module manufacturing, with the vision of making India a hub of global manufacturing and R&D of solar products.

Solar energy, solar economy, clean energy
Solar investment overtakes oil first time in history!

Renewable energy is expanding faster than most people around the world realize. First time in history, global investment in solar power is expected to overtake investment in oil.

Sustainable finance, green bond
What are green bonds?

Green bonds are a crucial part in India’s decarbonization strategy, it is being seen as a key financing source for building green infrastructure in our country.

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Energy Security at G20

The G20 has been proceeding in full swing from the past few months. The need for better health infrastructure, averting financial downturns, amping