Rooftop Solar in Maharashtra: A must-have.

Electricity tariffs in Maharashtra are the highest in India. If a household in Maharashtra consumes 400 units a month, their monthly power bill is around ₹3,500. Effectively, they are paying almost ₹9 per unit of electricity. For a business, costs can range from ₹9 to as high as ₹17, without accounting for power outages which drive the numbers even higher. Continue reading “Rooftop Solar in Maharashtra: A must-have.”

Big news: commercial loans now available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of solar loans for commercial rooftop owners (SME, Hotels, Hospitals and Institutions), with rates starting at 11.25%. Highlights have been posted in the FAQ under “Terms & Conditions For the Loans”. Continue reading “Big news: commercial loans now available!”

Rooftop solar in Bangalore: should I go for it?

We take a deep dive into the economics of rooftop solar systems in Bangalore, and provide an overview of current net-metering policies and key considerations when making the solar purchase decision. We think you should go for it, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at the details… Continue reading “Rooftop solar in Bangalore: should I go for it?”

Solar Loan: Can I get a loan for my rooftop solar?

We love rooftop solar! It’s a great way to make money from unused space, it’s inexpensive and now you can also pay for it slowly, making it easier to make the decision TODAY.

For a nominal downpayment, you own as asset that in most cases pays off in < 5 years and lasts 20 at least! Continue reading “Solar Loan: Can I get a loan for my rooftop solar?”