Big news: commercial loans now available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of solar loans for commercial rooftop owners (SME, Hotels, Hospitals and Institutions), with rates starting at 11.25%. Highlights have been posted in the FAQ under “Terms & Conditions For the Loans”. Continue reading “Big news: commercial loans now available!”

Bangalore homeowners and the case for rooftop solar

BESCOM has announced revised electricity tariffs for 2016. Comparing last year and this year, rate increases range from 7.8% to 11.1% for different slabs in residential. For a house consuming 300 units / month, rate increase is 8.9% year over year. In this context, we present our analysis of the feasibility and economics of rooftop solar system in Bangalore. Continue reading “Bangalore homeowners and the case for rooftop solar”

Solar Loan: Can I get a loan for my rooftop solar?

We love rooftop solar! It’s a great way to make money from unused space, it’s inexpensive and now you can also pay for it slowly, making it easier to make the decision TODAY.

For a nominal downpayment, you own as asset that in most cases pays off in < 5 years and lasts 20 at least! Continue reading “Solar Loan: Can I get a loan for my rooftop solar?”