Tamil Nadu rooftop solar: Good return on investment

Tamil Nadu continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar installation. As per the 2016 Bridge To India report, Tamil Nadu is the state with the most rooftop solar installed across Residential, Commercial and Industrial categories.

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Rooftop Solar in Karnataka – Sizing and Financial Returns

Karnataka is a pioneer state for on-grid rooftop solar. With innovative policies, it was responsible for a huge surge in interest from all sections of society to install rooftop solar plants.

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Rooftop Solar in Maharashtra: A must-have.

Electricity tariffs in Maharashtra are the highest in India. If a household in Maharashtra consumes 400 units a month, their monthly power bill is around ₹3,500. Effectively, they are paying almost ₹9 per unit of electricity. For a business, costs can range from ₹9 to as high as ₹17, without accounting for power outages which drive the numbers even higher. Continue reading “Rooftop Solar in Maharashtra: A must-have.”

Big news: commercial loans now available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of solar loans for commercial rooftop owners (SME, Hotels, Hospitals and Institutions), with rates starting at 11.25%. Highlights have been posted in the FAQ under “Terms & Conditions For the Loans”. Continue reading “Big news: commercial loans now available!”