My area has power cuts – which solar should I select?

We are often asked about what to do in areas where power cuts are frequent or have a scheduled power cut. The kind of system that works best for you is a matter of good design and price finally. There are pros and cons to both on-grid and off-grid solar energy systems. Continue reading “My area has power cuts – which solar should I select?”

Solar subsidy in Maharashtra: a case study

In a previous post, we showed through detailed analysis that rooftop solar is often an easy economic decision in Maharashtra. In this post, we will walk you through a case of an Oorjan customer who has opted to apply for a solar subsidy, and show you how favorable the economics could be when the subsidy comes through.

Continue reading “Solar subsidy in Maharashtra: a case study”

Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?

Housing Society multi story building

Oorjan gets a few inquiries every week from housing societies (CHS) from all over Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and as well many other Cities across India. There is a considerable seriousness in intention when the project conceptualized. After all, the common space is typically enough to power ALL lights, lifts and pumps in most of the medium to tall buildings the bring the electricity bill to near ZERO. Continue reading “Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?”

View India’s solar revolution from the sky

They say seeing is believing. For those of you unaware of the rapid pace of solarization of the Indian power sector, here are some satellite images that show how solar power is literally changing the Indian landscape. Thanks to Google Earth for the stunning imagery. You can zoom and pan these embedded images. You can also switch to map view and get driving directions for your next trip! Notice how some of these installations dwarf their neighbouring towns. Continue reading “View India’s solar revolution from the sky”

Gujarat: Sensible returns with subsidy on solar

Gujarat is blessed with an abundance of sunshine – the entire state has a global horizontal irradiance of above 5.5 kWh/m²/day, which is high even by global standards. Gujarat pioneered innovative concepts like solar panels on top of irrigation canals. As of 31st March 2016, Gujarat had 1100 MW of installed solar photovoltaic plants. Continue reading “Gujarat: Sensible returns with subsidy on solar”