Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?

Housing Society multi story building

Oorjan gets a few inquiries every week from housing societies (CHS) from all over Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and as well many other Cities across India. There is a considerable seriousness in intention when the project conceptualized. After all, the common space is typically enough to power ALL lights, lifts and pumps in most of the medium to tall buildings the bring the electricity bill to near ZERO. Continue reading “Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?”

Does Solar PV Work As Advertised? A Case Study.

This post is part of our “Learn About Solar” series, where we will cover common questions and answer them at a high level. These are meant as general guidelines only. For advice regarding your specific situation, please contact us directly

We are regularly asked “Does solar really work as advertised?”. Sometimes, this is asked directly as a question. And other times, we hear things like this: Continue reading “Does Solar PV Work As Advertised? A Case Study.”

Bangalore homeowners and the case for rooftop solar

BESCOM has announced revised electricity tariffs for 2016. Comparing last year and this year, rate increases range from 7.8% to 11.1% for different slabs in residential. For a house consuming 300 units / month, rate increase is 8.9% year over year. In this context, we present our analysis of the feasibility and economics of rooftop solar system in Bangalore. Continue reading “Bangalore homeowners and the case for rooftop solar”

Rooftop solar in Bangalore: should I go for it?

We take a deep dive into the economics of rooftop solar systems in Bangalore, and provide an overview of current net-metering policies and key considerations when making the solar purchase decision. We think you should go for it, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at the details… Continue reading “Rooftop solar in Bangalore: should I go for it?”