Do your bit to reduce air pollution in Delhi – go solar!

View of west of Delhi with air pollution

A thick, acrid smog has settled over NCR over the past few weeks. While experts trace the cause to burning crops, Diwali fireworks and vehicle emissions, one significant component of Delhi’s pollution woes is power plants burning fossil fuels. As part of the reflex measures announced by the Delhi government, the Badarpur coal plant is being shut for 10 days. Continue reading “Do your bit to reduce air pollution in Delhi – go solar!”

View India’s solar revolution from the sky

They say seeing is believing. For those of you unaware of the rapid pace of solarization of the Indian power sector, here are some satellite images that show how solar power is literally changing the Indian landscape. Thanks to Google Earth for the stunning imagery. You can zoom and pan these embedded images. You can also switch to map view and get driving directions for your next trip! Notice how some of these installations dwarf their neighbouring towns. Continue reading “View India’s solar revolution from the sky”

What lies ahead on the road to renewable energy

Earlier this month, Germany appears to have [1] reached a landmark. The country – briefly – met 100% of its electricity demand from renewable sources. This is a huge deal, because it proves that renewables can meet the electricity needs of a country the size and stature of Germany. Other countries (e.g., Denmark) have achieved milestones like this before, but they were typically smaller and/or had less diverse energy demands. Continue reading “What lies ahead on the road to renewable energy”

top3: Weekly Solar Highlights

The last fortnight has been only about COP21 in Paris and the ongoing deliberations to come up with a collective plan to mitigate the impact of irreversible climate change.

In an unprecedented collection of 196 nations, this meet has shown at least the whole humanity is worried about the knowns and unknowns of climate change. Continue reading “top3: Weekly Solar Highlights”

top3: Weekly Solar Highlights

It is difficult to find what is the installed rooftop capacity in the country. Two main reasons are:
– a lot of the service providers are not organized enough to update their work on central databases.
– As long as the system is not net-metered, the utilities do not know any better.

Bridge To India does a great job in collecting this information annually. Continue reading “top3: Weekly Solar Highlights”