Solar subsidy in Maharashtra: a case study

In a previous post, we showed through detailed analysis that rooftop solar is often an easy economic decision in Maharashtra. In this post, we will walk you through a case of an Oorjan customer who has opted to apply for a solar subsidy, and show you how favorable the economics could be when the subsidy comes through.

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Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?

Housing Society multi story building

Oorjan gets a few inquiries every week from housing societies (CHS) from all over Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and as well many other Cities across India. There is a considerable seriousness in intention when the project conceptualized. After all, the common space is typically enough to power ALL lights, lifts and pumps in most of the medium to tall buildings the bring the electricity bill to near ZERO. Continue reading “Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?”

Home loan top-up to finance solar: a case study

At Oorjan, we receive a lot of financing requests. They each have slightly different flavors, since each rooftop owner’s situation is unique. These subtleties are difficult for the consumer to handle directly with financiers. This is where Oorjan’s financing platform proves its usefulness. Continue reading “Home loan top-up to finance solar: a case study”

Rooftop Solar in Karnataka – Sizing and Financial Returns

Karnataka is a pioneer state for on-grid rooftop solar. With innovative policies, it was responsible for a huge surge in interest from all sections of society to install rooftop solar plants.

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