Karnataka solar – Net metering or gross metering?

Karnataka has fine-tuned their rooftop solar policy (memorandum reproduced at the end of this post)

  1. The maximum size of the rooftop solar plant was earlier limited to 150% of the sanctioned load. This has been reduced to 100% of the sanctioned load.
  2. Earlier, commercial consumers were eligible for net metering while Domestic, Hospital and Educational institutions were eligible for gross metering. Now Domestic, Hospital and Educational institutions can opt for either gross or net metering by a one time irrevocable option

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Tamil Nadu rooftop solar: Good return on investment

Tamil Nadu continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar installation. As per the 2016 Bridge To India report, Tamil Nadu is the state with the most rooftop solar installed across Residential, Commercial and Industrial categories.

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Do your bit to reduce air pollution in Delhi – go solar!

View of west of Delhi with air pollution

A thick, acrid smog has settled over NCR over the past few weeks. While experts trace the cause to burning crops, Diwali fireworks and vehicle emissions, one significant component of Delhi’s pollution woes is power plants burning fossil fuels. As part of the reflex measures announced by the Delhi government, the Badarpur coal plant is being shut for 10 days. Continue reading “Do your bit to reduce air pollution in Delhi – go solar!”

View India’s solar revolution from the sky

They say seeing is believing. For those of you unaware of the rapid pace of solarization of the Indian power sector, here are some satellite images that show how solar power is literally changing the Indian landscape. Thanks to Google Earth for the stunning imagery. You can zoom and pan these embedded images. You can also switch to map view and get driving directions for your next trip! Notice how some of these installations dwarf their neighbouring towns. Continue reading “View India’s solar revolution from the sky”

Gujarat: Sensible returns with subsidy on solar

Gujarat is blessed with an abundance of sunshine – the entire state has a global horizontal irradiance of above 5.5 kWh/m²/day, which is high even by global standards. Gujarat pioneered innovative concepts like solar panels on top of irrigation canals. As of 31st March 2016, Gujarat had 1100 MW of installed solar photovoltaic plants. Continue reading “Gujarat: Sensible returns with subsidy on solar”

U.P.: Solar gives attractive returns

Our earlier post on rooftop solar in Delhi was very popular and we got many inquiries from residents of NOIDA and other parts of the NCR whether the post was applicable to them too. Since electricity is a state subject, the solar policies vary from one state to another. This post talks about the solar economics specific to Uttar Pradesh. Continue reading “U.P.: Solar gives attractive returns”