What it takes to get into Oorjan!

Hey folks!

It’s all on an upswing here at Oorjan. We closed our fifth deal for the month (cheers!). The sales team couldn’t be happier, the ops team a bit grudging but really happy too (no mid-day lounging for them). It’s been a month since I joined, and there’s something energetic about the environment here. It’s hearty to see the dynamics, new features thought of, deployed quickly so as to continually improve the product pitch, projects being completed in ever shortening spans. It’s this healthy ecosystem that I think a startup should focus on thriving and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of Oorjan. Which brings me to what I really wanted to share with you today, why Oorjan, and what it takes to be an Oorjanite 🙂

Well I have always been attracted towards startups. Since you are here I am assuming even you have a fair interest in startups. Maybe you are working in a big multinational co, or maybe in another startup, or you could be a fresh graduate, all wanting on some level to take the plunge into the startup world. I would be happy if you are thinking so.

Oorjan really stands out in terms of uniqueness among the plethora of startups out there. You got to love the idea – Help India go solar. Whether or not we at Oorjan succeed at it (we really think we will), India needs to, and it’s on the right track. Solar has come a long way from what it was a decade or two ago, now it’s all about creating social awareness that it has come a long way. Sure there will be some technological shortcomings, but that’s hardly any reason to tell down the solar story. The technology is really at an inflection point, it’s really taken off recently. Research is underway on a vast scale and the whole ecosystem is going to improve manifold. It’s how quickly we are able to accelerate the adoption among the masses that will set the stage for the future.

But even if you are a sceptic at environment issues like our friend at the US, or just focused on other aspects, there’s still plenty to look for at Oorjan.

We have a small yet rocking Technology team. Contrary to most startups who really bootstrap the tech platform with the view to release their MVP, it’s a great tech stack here. No shackles whatsoever as compared to the countless incompatibilities and legacy issues at a bloated company. You have an idea, explore it, pitch it, and be most welcome to execute it. You gotta love this about tech startups.

The Product team is equally adept at rolling out new strategies to attract the customer base. As I said, solar in India is at its infant stage, so there are no tried and tested methodologies. India by itself is a challenge because of its demography and sheer diversity, and solar on top of such takes it to another domain that’s just incredibly hard to predict. Such is the challenge that the team perceives as a great opportunity!

If you are someone who can code the hell out of stuff, you’d fit in here. If you can land in sales with your mesmerising pitch, bring it on. Or if you think you can craft the best product ideas for something in a whole new unchartered territory, you’d feel right at home here. If you are great at what you do, we’d love to hear you out, feel free to connect with us.

There are many ways you could be part of a change, but can you drive the change? That’s what it takes to be an Oorjanite.

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