My area has power cuts – which solar should I select?

We are often asked about what to do in areas where power cuts are frequent or have a scheduled power cut. The kind of system that works best for you is a matter of good design and price finally. There are pros and cons to both on-grid and off-grid solar energy systems.

On Grid Solar Off-grid or Hybrid Solar
Pros Simple design
Low maintenance
Easily integratable for net-metering
ALL appliances can work on it, since the wiring does not need to change.
Often in unreliable area, the customers have inverter + battery to support their basic comforts. Solar can possibly be added to the system.
Cons Only works when grid power / reference available. In case of power cuts, the solar power is lost.
Main purpose is to reduce your power bills expenses, but not provide back-up
Wiring is separate and hence only few appliances work on it.

Battery requires maintenance and needs to be changed every 3-4 years. Maintenance Free batteries are typically more expensive and hence, less popular.


It should be noted that you can get an ON-GRID Solar system and continue to use your battery inverters as you were using before. This is often the CHEAPEST option. For places where power cuts are not very long or often, as a rule of thumb, cumulative power outage of less than 12 (daytime) hours per week, this option is the best.


If you want a truly hybrid system, then there are some great inverters and electronics for the same and we can help you with those. But one should consider this only if your power cuts are more than 12-hours per week, mostly during the daytime.

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