Big news: commercial loans now available!

We are pleased to announce the availability of solar loans for commercial rooftop owners (SME, Hotels, Hospitals and Institutions), with rates starting at 11.25%. Highlights have been posted in the FAQ under “Terms & Conditions For the Loans”.

Additionally, loan terms have been simplified and generally made more favorable for all rooftop owners. For example,

  • Residential loans up to Rs. 3 lakh need NO secondary collateral, only a guarantee letter
  • Loan repayment periods increased to 7 years
  • Processing fee removed for loans smaller than Rs. 1 lakh

Contact us today, let’s get some projects going!

4 thoughts on “Big news: commercial loans now available!

  1. 10 mw rooftop solar tender hai n 70 lac is emd on ppp n boot model if interested please inform the consultant is my friend n I have good contacts in the government department.


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