Oorjan signs an MOU with IDBI Bank for Rooftop Solar

We are proud to announce a first-of-a-kind Memorandum of Understanding with IDBI Bank as a preferred platform to facilitate financing of rooftop solar projects for residential customers and housing societies across the country.


With this we can enable installers / system integrators across the country to use sign up on our financing platform to enable low interest loans for customers interested in installing rooftop solar for captive consumption. By working with Oorjan/IDBI, installers can:
– increase the conversion of their pipeline by providing easy financing solutions
– reduce the customer anxiety that the system is “approved” by a large bank
– provide a smart-phone App to their customers to monitor real-time data (not an internet portal)
– O&M guarantee for the loan term

End consumers or roof owners can also approach Oorjan to get a loan for their rooftop solar requirements.
We invite all installers across the country and roof-owners/ end-users interested in rooftop solar to contact us to sign-up on our financing platform and get access to solar loans in a quick and predictable way.

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