top:3 Solar Highlights of the Week

What a crackling week for the solar industry. Like an early Diwali gift 🙂

1) Goldman Sachs pledges to invest $150B (!!) towards clean energy by 2025

For perspective, this amount can fund the whole India Solar goals by 2022, and still be left with a big chunk of change.
This is also 3x of what they had pledged earlier in TOTAL, indicating that this sector not only is good for environment but also good for economics. Can’t beat that 🙂
2) SunEdison to supply 500MW at Rs 4.63/KWh
Just for perspective, we were bidding Rs.11-12/KWh in 2010 JNNSM first phase. It’s mind-boggling! Anybody still worried about grid-parity?
But it also indicates it’s a big “boys” game and very difficult to entrepreneurs to enter. Most of the cost reduction is coming from being able to procure financing at lower interest rates (for example, the other big-dog Skypower is a pension fund – with low return expectations)

3) More than 1500 Police Stations in UP to use solar power
This is an excellent way to promote distributed solar. At Oorjan we have quickly realized that a portfolio or targeted customer approach is the most promising way in a large country like India. It’s a great way to accelerate the deployment.

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