Tamil Nadu rooftop solar: Good return on investment

Tamil Nadu continues to lead the nation in rooftop solar installation. As per the 2016 Bridge To India report, Tamil Nadu is the state with the most rooftop solar installed across Residential, Commercial and Industrial categories.… Continue Reading

Do your bit to reduce air pollution in Delhi – go solar!

View of west of Delhi with air pollution

image credit https://www.flickr.com/photos/jepoirrier/5543835085

A thick, acrid smog has settled over NCR over the past few weeks. While experts trace the cause to burning crops, Diwali fireworks and vehicle emissions, one significant component of Delhi’s pollution woes is power plants burning fossil fuels.… Continue Reading

This Diwali – get the real gold home. Go solar with simple EMIs


Oorjan’s association with national banks allows us to provide simple EMIs for adopting solar energy for your homes and businesses. Upto 85% of the project cost can be funded by loans.… Continue Reading

My area has power cuts – which solar should I select?

We are often asked about what to do in areas where power cuts are frequent or have a scheduled power cut. The kind of system that works best for you is a matter of good design and price finally. Continue Reading

Solar subsidy in Maharashtra: a case study

In a previous post, we showed through detailed analysis that rooftop solar is often an easy economic decision in Maharashtra. In this post, we will walk you through a case of an Oorjan customer who has opted to apply for a solar subsidy, and show you how favorable the economics could be when the subsidy comes through.Continue Reading

Housing Society – How to Adopt Solar?

Housing Society multi story building

Oorjan gets a few inquiries every week from housing societies (CHS) from all over Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune and as well many other Cities across India. There is a considerable seriousness in intention when the project conceptualized.Continue Reading

Now available: solar loans from Rs. 1 lakh onwards

Oorjan is now the pan-India Business Facilitator for IDBI Bank’s Surya Shakti program. What does this mean?… Continue Reading

View India’s solar revolution from the sky

They say seeing is believing. For those of you unaware of the rapid pace of solarization of the Indian power sector, here are some satellite images that show how solar power is literally changing the Indian landscape.… Continue Reading

Gujarat: Sensible returns with subsidy on solar

Gujarat is blessed with an abundance of sunshine – the entire state has a global horizontal irradiance of above 5.5 kWh/m²/day, which is high even by global standards. Gujarat pioneered innovative concepts like solar panels on top of irrigation canals.… Continue Reading

U.P.: Solar gives attractive returns

Our earlier post on rooftop solar in Delhi was very popular and we got many inquiries from residents of NOIDA and other parts of the NCR whether the post was applicable to them too.… Continue Reading

Cut Haryana electricity bills by 90%! Put solar on your roof

Our earlier post on rooftop solar in Delhi was very popular and we got many inquiries from residents of Gurugram, Faridabad and other parts of the NCR whether the post was applicable to them too.… Continue Reading

Delhi rooftop solar cheaper than electricity bill!

Delhi is a huge consumer of electricity – it uses more power than all other metros put together. The peak power demand in Delhi in 2014 was ~6000 MW, almost all of it coming from coal and gas powered plants located in Delhi.… Continue Reading

Solar saves money, even during the monsoon

This post was written by Rohan Sharma, 2016 summer intern at Oorjan.

Does free electricity sound interesting? Here’s one of the projects which Oorjan handled recently. Not only will you be able to see the benefits of solar but also that “Solar does not work in Monsoon season” is a myth.… Continue Reading

Rooftop Solar in Telangana – Sizing and Financial Returns

There are two DISCOMs in Telangana – TSSPDCL that supplies power to the districts of Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Mahbubnagar, Nalgonda and Medak, and TSNPDCL that supplies to Warangal, Karimnagar, Khammam, Nizamabad and Adilabad.… Continue Reading

Home loan top-up to finance solar: a case study

At Oorjan, we receive a lot of financing requests. They each have slightly different flavors, since each rooftop owner’s situation is unique. These subtleties are difficult for the consumer to handle directly with financiers.Continue Reading

Rooftop Solar in Karnataka – Sizing and Financial Returns

Karnataka is a pioneer state for on-grid rooftop solar. With innovative policies, it was responsible for a huge surge in interest from all sections of society to install rooftop solar plants.… Continue Reading

Does Solar PV Work As Advertised? A Case Study.

This post is part of our “Learn About Solar” series, where we will cover common questions and answer them at a high level. These are meant as general guidelines only. For advice regarding your specific situation, try out our estimatorContinue Reading

How big a PV system should I install?

This post is part of our “Learn About Solar” series, where we will cover common questions and answer them at a high level. These are meant as general guidelines only. For advice regarding your specific situation, try out our estimatorContinue Reading

What lies ahead on the road to renewable energy

Earlier this month, Germany appears to have [1] reached a landmark. The country – briefly – met 100% of its electricity demand from renewable sources. This is a huge deal, because it proves that renewables can meet the electricity needs of a country the size and stature of Germany.… Continue Reading

Rooftop Solar in Maharashtra: A must-have.

Electricity tariffs in Maharashtra are the highest in India. If a household in Maharashtra consumes 400 units a month, their monthly power bill is around ₹3,500. Effectively, they are paying almost ₹9 per unit of electricity.Continue Reading

We are pleased to announce the availability of solar loans for commercial rooftop owners (SME, Hotels, Hospitals and Institutions), with rates starting at 11.25%. Highlights have been posted in the FAQ under “Terms & Conditions For the Loans”.… Continue Reading

Bangalore homeowners and the case for rooftop solar

BESCOM has announced revised electricity tariffs for 2016. Comparing last year and this year, rate increases range from 7.8% to 11.1% for different slabs in residential. For a house consuming 300 units / month, rate increase is 8.9% year over year.… Continue Reading

Rooftop solar in Bangalore: should I go for it?

We take a deep dive into the economics of rooftop solar systems in Bangalore, and provide an overview of current net-metering policies and key considerations when making the solar purchase decision.… Continue Reading

Solar Loan: Can I get a loan for my rooftop solar?

We love rooftop solar! It’s a great way to make money from unused space, it’s inexpensive and now you can also pay for it slowly, making it easier to make the decision TODAY.… Continue Reading

Introducing – Oorjan Solar Monitoring App

We are introducing our Oorjan Solar Monitoring App , that allows you to check the current and lifetime production of the system at your fingertips.… Continue Reading

Oorjan signs an MOU with IDBI Bank for Rooftop Solar

We are proud to announce a first-of-a-kind Memorandum of Understanding with IDBI Bank as a preferred platform to facilitate financing of rooftop solar projects for residential customers and housing societies across the country.… Continue Reading

top3: Weekly Solar Highlights

The last fortnight has been only about COP21 in Paris and the ongoing deliberations to come up with a collective plan to mitigate the impact of irreversible climate change.

In an unprecedented collection of 196 nations, this meet has shown at least the whole humanity is worried about the knowns and unknowns of climate change.… Continue Reading

We were excited to receive an award and recognition as “50 Most Influential Solar Leaders – 2015” by Thought Leaders International , an NGO focusing on green and sustainable initiatives.… Continue Reading

top3: Weekly Solar Highlights

It is difficult to find what is the installed rooftop capacity in the country. Two main reasons are:
– a lot of the service providers are not organized enough to update their work on central databases.… Continue Reading

top:3 Solar Highlights of the (Diwali) Week

Had it not been for the Paris events, it would have been a perfect end to a festive Diwali week. Prayers for those affected in Paris. Our wishes for safety, peace and prosperity for the rest.… Continue Reading

top:3 Solar Highlights of the Week

What a crackling week for the solar industry. Like an early Diwali gift 🙂

1) Goldman Sachs pledges to invest $150B (!!) towards clean energy by 2025

For perspective, this amount can fund the whole India Solar goals by 2022, and still be left with a big chunk of change.… Continue Reading

Hello World!

Welcome to Oorjan – India’s First Rooftop Solar Financing Platform!

We are excited to (re)launch our blog! Aim is to foster meaningful discussions on Solar, Rooftop Solar Financing, Net metering and much more.… Continue Reading

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